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The International Forest Policy Meeting (IFPM) is a biannual event bringing together scholars working on forest and forest related policy issues. The 4th IFPM will be a virtual, free of cost event and is organized by the European Forest Institute’s Governance Programme in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and EFI’s Forest Policy Research Network coordinated by the University of Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU). This year’s meeting will focus on the science-policy and the science-media interfaces in forest policy. 

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Science-Policy-Society interactions within Europe

Investigative journalism meets science

Performance of International forest governance

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Investigative journalism meets science

Science-based investigative journalism is on the rise. To uncover the global links between commodity supply chain and deforestation in the tropics, it is becoming a common practice for investigative reporters to use the tools developed by research organisations and follow the work of scientific communities to identify the leads for stories. Despite these efforts already in place, how exactly investigative journalism is conducted is still to be discovered by many scientists and researchers. 

This is why we are taking a unique approach to offering a platform for these two communities to meet at IFPM. By bringing two journalists who have carried out investigative stories on the links between the global supply chain and deforestation in the tropics, this session aims to bridge the knowledge gap by uncovering how these investigative journalists have worked with scientific communities. The invited investigative journalists will share ‘behind-the-scene’ of their journalistic research process and the challenges they have faced in the process. It will then explore how these two communities could work better to ensure more evidence-based information in public. 

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If you have questions, feel free to contact us at ifpm4@efi.int.

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